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My Currency Complications

Germany just loves Euro coins.

Admittedly, I did too, for a little while at least. Suddenly I was living somewhere where I could purchase goods and services with an assortment of only a few coins. It is quite commonplace for …

Blue Goodies, Boot Goodies

Public Service Announcement regarding my blog’s blue words.

Just a mouse click away, hidden behind these little blue words, are lots of goodies. You’ll most often land on an highly entertaining and fun to read educational Wikipedia article, but …

Oh…that’s the word?


I got a few puzzled looks, and a few people took a step back. Rather, the word that I was looking for was Wohnzimmer. Lebensraum does not mean “living room,” but instead refers to the Nazi ideology of aggressive

It stuck!

The snow stuck!
The pictures here make Schleiden look absolutely dreary. It’s not, I promise. Today was actually really pretty with the light dusting of snow.

From the top floor of Tower B of my school. In the distance, one …

Der Erste Schnee

The first snow began this evening! It is sticking too, but I don’t think for very long. We’ll see if it is still here in Schleiden tomorrow morning.

My little sister was so excited! Apparently this is the first snow …

Always a Surprise

Gerade oder asdjklajksbdahsbdasdjbh?” the hairdresser asked.

Well Scheiße. I don’t know what asdjklajksbdahsbdasdjbh means. I know that eine Gerade is a line, thanks to Mathe. We’ll just go with ‘Gerade’.

“Gerade,” I said.

And so it …