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Der Erste Schnee

The first snow began this evening! It is sticking too, but I don’t think for very long. We’ll see if it is still here in Schleiden tomorrow morning.

My little sister was so excited! Apparently this is the first snow here in Schleiden in two years! A little strange for me, especially considering I just survived experienced one of Michigan’s worst winters.

What is the weather like in your town (be that in the USA, Germany, or elsewhere)? Leave a comment below…

Gute Nacht!

UPDATE: Guten Morgen. It stayed.


  • Dad |

    Andrew, as you know, we are currently in Daytona Beach, FL and the weather is beautiful…75 degrees F and sunny. But, when I return to Detroit, I have a ski clinic at Pine Knob…yes, they are already skiing in Michigan!

  • Josie Johnson |

    It snowed here 4 days ago and by now it is just hard snow-ice in the midst of much green grass. I guess they are saying that this will be the last snow of the year? :( It snowed a couple other times too, where I live in France, but that’s just about it.

    • aparsons |

      Meanwhile Michigan is -20 Celsius with 2 feet of snow…

      When I asked if the grass stays green all year round, my family looked at me, saying, “well what other color should it be?”

      I guess it doesn’t shrivel into the brown winter grass that I know :/

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