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Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Valley

I’ve had quite a busy week after arriving in Schleiden. So busy, in fact, I’ve hardly had time to post.

I’ll satisfy everyone with a brief and general Q&A.

Q: How’s your host family?

A: They are awesome, awesome, awesome!

The Quirks of Literal Translation


Entschuldigung! I haven’t been keeping up to date here. My past week and a half has been very busy, and combined with limited internet access, I’ve been unable to post.

While I’m working on bringing my blog up to …

Operation PortraitPlacer (a farewell present)

Knowing how much my parents would miss me during my time abroad, I took the liberty to leave them a farewell present.

Secret Agent Andrew conducted the highly publicized (via Twitter, Snapchat, etc) mission: Operation PortraitPlacer.

It is worth …