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Operation PortraitPlacer (a farewell present)

Knowing how much my parents would miss me during my time abroad, I took the liberty to leave them a farewell present.

Secret Agent Andrew conducted the highly publicized (via Twitter, Snapchat, etc) mission: Operation PortraitPlacer.

It is worth noting, however, that highly publicized does not mean aware of to Tim and Eve. They were clueless of the operation as it went underway for the entire month of July 2014.

This is being posted now because they have only recently stumbled upon my presents.

It all started with the replacement of a family photo. Dear Leader Kim Jong Un took his place upon a bookshelf.


Our downstairs bathroom is painted red. Seems fitting for a communist. Enter Chairman Mao.


I was having fun. Too much fun. Home alone, I was giggling to myself as I printed off more portraits of famous political figures.

I seemed to have a common theme going, so, ¡Viva la Revolución!


Augusto Pinochet quietly salutes all visitors of the guest bedroom.



It is a shame that I don’t have a picture of Ho Chi Minh brooding over everyone in the living room.

From Borstel-Hohenraden with love,



  • Rebecca Schilling |

    I was wondering why your Mom had Mao in the bathroom…I decided not to ask as I felt it was tacky to question her art & then thought maybe it was Eve’s way to “crap on communism”, needless to say it left me giggling!

  • Cathy Russ |

    Andrew, I laughed myself sick over the pictures you placed around your parents’ house. If I’d come over, I would have wondered how they’d gotten to be on such good terms with so many dictators and oppressors. Genius! Hope you are having a wonderful time! Cathy from TPL :-)

  • Julie Honkala |

    You are hysterical, though your creative picture placement does not surprise me! The use of dictators seems to be a reoccurring theme (remember hang man?).

  • Christina |

    Somehow I don’t think you’ll be able to pull this off again with your host family.

    “Sorry to hear about that exchange student of yours. Who knew they were going to stick you with a kid that really loves communism..”

  • Cathy Russ |

    Andrew, I just want you to know that when I need a good laugh, I revisit this page and immediately feel better. You have done your good deed for the year as far as I am concerned. :-)

  • Louise welch |

    Andrew, I am an old friend of your moms! Love the pics you placed so strategically in the house! I applaud you. Louise welch

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