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Born in my bedroom just before midnight, this site was carefully handcrafted using the finest free and open source materials.

Without the contributions from the following organizations, projects, and people, this website would not be possible.


An inexpensive yet reliable VPS provider (note: referral link).


A straightforward, professional, no-nonsense domain registrar (note: affiliate link).

Debian Project

A free, rock solid GNU/Linux distribution. I’m grateful for the Debian community.


Speedy and lightweight, this free and open source web server keeps the files flying and the memory footprint low.


A free and open source blogging tool and content management system.


An open source database management system and server-side scripting serve as the base of WordPress.

Site5 Themes

Makes this all look pretty.

Special thanks to the Linux Foundation, the Free Software Foundation (for GNU and the GPL), and all other contributors and supporters of free and open source software. There are countless others who have developed software packages and other technologies that are not aforementioned, yet still make serving this site possible. At the expense of beginning to emulate an Oscar acceptance speech, thank you.