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The Valley

I’ve had quite a busy week after arriving in Schleiden. So busy, in fact, I’ve hardly had time to post.

I’ll satisfy everyone with a brief and general Q&A.

Q: How’s your host family?

A: They are awesome, awesome, awesome! More on them later.

Q: When do you start school?

A: Actually, I started on Monday, the 25th of August at the Städtisches Gymnasium SchleidenAlles gut! More on this later.

Q: So like, you’re totally fluent now, right?

A: Ich arbeite dran.

I arrived on a Saturday. The following morning I went through a walk through Schleiden. Here’s the view from Schloss Schleiden (German Wikipedia), the local castle.

View from Schloss Schleiden

View from Schloss Schleiden

If you click either on the photo or click here, you will be taken to my Flickr album of pictures of the local valley(s).

I really would love to write more about Schleiden, my school, and my host family, but it is 01:30 in the morning and in 10 hours I will be heading off to Scotland.



The “Senior” (12yr) class trip at SGS is to Scotland, and I’ll be coming along for the adventure. Unfortunately, I don’t expect that I will be able to post for the next week, because, well, I’ll be in Scotland (Oh, darn! ;) )

My plate is already full, even without Scotland, but I think that I’ll have plenty to write about when I get back.





  • Jen Teal |

    Andrew–LOVE the blog and so excited to follow along on your year-long journey. The chance to live abroad is the most amazing gift….I know you’ll treasure it!! Can’t wait to read more…

  • Nana |

    Just caught up with your blog through Aug. 30. Will look forward to the future adventures.Can tell you’re having fun with the whole experience to date, and hope that continues. The pics add a personal touch to the script and are a great asset.
    Continue to enjoy and reap every benefit from every moment. I’m sure there are times when you feel overwhelmed, but you are adjusting beautifully from what I can see. So glad you have a warm he!after and we coming host family. Lone, Nana

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