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Where in the world is Andrew? // Wo in der Welt ist Andrew?

I’m in Germany.

Where exactly? I tell my US-American friends and family that I have been living northwest of Hamburg for the first three weeks of my exchange experience, and then I will be moving to a small town near Cologne and Bonn, where I will remain for the duration of my exchange.

Of course, like myself before I arrived in Germany, many US-Americans don’t have an understanding of German geography, and couldn’t tell you where exactly these cities are. I’ll be honest….if someone were to ask, “Wo ist [Major city] auf der Landkarte?”, I wouldn’t be able to answer…but sshhhhh :)

I’ve placed two little red dots at my approximate location in Germany. The first is in the northern Bundesland of Schleswig-Holstein, on top of Hamburg, and the second is west of Cologne and Bonn in Nordrhein-Westfalen.



So, what do you think ?

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