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Blue Goodies, Boot Goodies

Public Service Announcement regarding my blog’s blue words.

Just a mouse click away, hidden behind these little blue words, are lots of goodies. You’ll most often land on an highly entertaining and fun to read educational Wikipedia article, but who knows what other internet adventures lay beyond hyperlinks like this


or this?


You’ll feel like a little kid on Christmas. Or if you’re from Europe, like a child on St. Nicholas Day, just like me this morning.

Keeping with German tradition, where children’s winter boots are left near the doorway on the night before St. Nicholas day, I left my shoes in our house’s foyer, anticipating the coming of St. Nicholas during the night. Magically, when I awoke this morning, my shoes (grey, crappily pictured here) were full of goodies!


Along with chocolate (German chocolate is something that I will dearly miss upon my return to the Western Hemisphere) and some other goodies, St. Nicholas left a book telling all about his gift giving journey throughout the Eifel.


I have more reading to do!


So, what do you think ?

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