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Snow Sail

My balcony has a boat…
Please remember that clicking on the photos will forward you to my Flickr, which yields much higher resolution photos. Snow Sail-small

Red Sail-small

Going Gutter-small

Save CBYX // Retten Sie PPP

The exchange program which has given both me and thousands of other international students the wonderful opportunity to live and study in Germany (or the USA) for an entire year faces budget cuts from the United States State Department. Help …

My Currency Complications

Germany just loves Euro coins.

Admittedly, I did too, for a little while at least. Suddenly I was living somewhere where I could purchase goods and services with an assortment of only a few coins. It is quite commonplace for …

Blue Goodies, Boot Goodies

Public Service Announcement regarding my blog’s blue words.

Just a mouse click away, hidden behind these little blue words, are lots of goodies. You’ll most often land on an highly entertaining and fun to read educational Wikipedia article, but …

Oh…that’s the word?


I got a few puzzled looks, and a few people took a step back. Rather, the word that I was looking for was Wohnzimmer. Lebensraum does not mean “living room,” but instead refers to the Nazi ideology of aggressive