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You’re not in Germany

One afternoon in Edinburgh, I decided to try and get lost go for a walk. I chose a direction that I had not yet walked in, and, without looking back, walked for 30 minutes until I reached the main road which circled around the city.… Read the rest

718 Years in the Making

It was a fascinating time to be in Scotland this past week. Aside from the tourism and exploration of Edinburgh, I found that the heated movement for Scoh’ish independence was very interesting. Call me ignorant, but truth be told, I did not know much about English-Scottish conflict prior to my visit.… Read the rest

The Valley

I’ve had quite a busy week after arriving in Schleiden. So busy, in fact, I’ve hardly had time to post.

I’ll satisfy everyone with a brief and general Q&A.

Q: How’s your host family?

A: They are awesome, awesome, awesome! More on them later.

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The Quirks of Literal Translation


Entschuldigung! I haven’t been keeping up to date here. My past week and a half has been very busy, and combined with limited internet access, I’ve been unable to post.

While I’m working on bringing my blog up to date, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite finds so far.… Read the rest

Operation PortraitPlacer (a farewell present)

Knowing how much my parents would miss me during my time abroad, I took the liberty to leave them a farewell present.

Secret Agent Andrew conducted the highly publicized (via Twitter, Snapchat, etc) mission: Operation PortraitPlacer.

It is worth noting, however, that highly publicized does not mean aware of to Tim and Eve.… Read the rest

Bee Catching

There’s just something about the little things in life. I love macro-photography; I love capturing the little details of our world and saving them as a still picture. Naturally this photographic interest has extended into taking photographs of garden insects as they go about their daily business.… Read the rest

Brand Spankin’ New

As a birthday and graduation present, my parents gifted me a camera to support my growing interest in photography. After researching, we decided that the best camera for my needs was an entry-level DSLR. Looking at a variety of models from both Canon and Nikon (sorry, Pentax, Sony, and friends…), I ended up selecting the Nikon D3200.… Read the rest

YFU National Pre-Departure Orientation

Counting down the days. As of writing this, I’m just 16 days out.

Over the weekend, I attended YFU’s National Pre-Departure Orientation in Chicago with 97 other YFU exchange students. Roughly 50 were headed to Germany, and the remainder were traveling the world over — Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Sweeden, Switzerland, etc.… Read the rest