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Celebrity Status

In the hallways or on the street I’ll hear children whispering, “Ja, das ist Andrew, der der ein Austauschschüler ist!”

And, kids being kids, one or two young students will come up to me and shyly say “Hi Andreuu,” running away to a group of giggling friends before I get the chance to reply.


I’m definitely well known among the Q2 (12th grade) and, now that I’ve transitioned into the 11th grade, amongst the Q1 as well. I have a few friends in the 10th, and thanks to my host-sister in the 8th, I too am known there. Seeing that I reside in a relatively small town, I’ll be greeted by neighbors on the street and around town.

I’ve even opened up a presence in the press, which will soon also be extending to newspaper!

http://www.schleiden.de/ or http://eifelspecht.de/

Though it still boggles my mind that the 5th, 6th, and 7th graders know me. It’s like a smaller Matt Stopera/Brother Orange experience…


  • Reply Carl |

    Literally the same happens to me. I’ll be waiting for my bus, sometimes with friends, and random 6th graders will be like, “HI CARL!” then just run away

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