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Brand Spankin’ New

As a birthday and graduation present, my parents gifted me a camera to support my growing interest in photography. After researching, we decided that the best camera for my needs was an entry-level DSLR. Looking at a variety of models from both Canon and Nikon (sorry, Pentax, Sony, and friends…), I ended up selecting the Nikon D3200.

Over one thousand photographs entered this world within five days of me owning this camera.

Nearly four-hundred were taken at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. I’ve made a Flickr album of what I think were the best from that photoshoot. A few of my favorites can be found below.

While I am very supportive of Creative Commons, I’m going to hold on to my rights with these photos for the time being. I do plan to submit a photo to the Ubuntu (and family) 14.10 wallpaper contest, so many will be released under Creative Commons in the future. For now, please respect my ownership.

Frederik Meijer would be proud.






Frederik Meijer would be proud


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