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It’s Alive!

Several days were spent thinking about the contents of this post. This will be the first publication on afparsons.com, and as such I want to take the time and make sure that these few short lines rival the work of the big boys — Thoreau, Twain, Shakespeare, and the like.

Now is the time when I launch my voice, capture my audience (of, at maximum, maybe a hundred readers), and establish a visible digital footprint.

Or nah.

Thankfully during my few short years of life, I’ve been able to recognize that one of my traits leads to a lot of indecision, stress, and lost time.

And yes, this would be graphed with a positive correlation.

PerfectionistGraphYou can’t even begin to imagine how long this graph took to make

I considered everything from writing a lengthy storytelling of my server configuration (talk about meta) to just appending a short one-liner to WordPress’ default “Hello World” post.

lengthy storytelling of my server configuration

Andrew, what?!?  Your geek is showing…

Of course, my justification was something along the lines of, But, most WordPress tutorials are written for setting up a LAMP stack, and I prefer LEMP setup, and most of the existing tutorials for LEMP configurations are either out of date or inaccurate (they result in installing Apache anyways). So it would be cool if my blog post could become a tutorial indexed by Google to help people like me so that they can–


And at the opposite extreme,

just appending a short one-liner to WordPress’ default “Hello World” post.

this is just lazy.

Alas, I arrived at this funky hybrid. The truth is that it is hard to satisfy the desire for a “perfect” first post. What entails a perfect first post? That question has an answer which is different for everyone, and, to be honest, has changed every day for me since this server was first spun up.

Welcome to my blog.


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