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1st or 3rd? The Conundrum.

I’m not alone when I say that I have difficulty writing about myself.

Resumes, short autobiographies, and other writings of the like aren’t easy for most. Complaints range from the inability to write anything substantial, to feeling awkward or not wanting to sound conceited. The IB DP Extended Essay was an easy task compared to taking on the feat of the About Andrew page.

What a struggle.

It all lay in one question,

First or Third Person?

1st Person: More personal. 3rd Person: More professional.

Is it an About Me or an About Andrew?

In the end I decided on writing in 3rd Person. The personal side of this site had its place in the Blog, and you can’t go wrong, save for sounding pretentious or snotty,  with 3rd person.

But no! Now there is a question of uniformity! Is the Blog a subset of this site, or a separate branch?

Andrew, your perfectionism is kicking in.

Gah. I’ll just let it be.


So, what do you think ?

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